Star Carbon produces components in high modulus fibres. Star Carbon is also the online store of accessories in carbon fibre for motorcycles and for those who love motorcycles, run by a team of passionate professionals whose goal is to select and recommend the best products, while offering the best service pre and post sale.

Star Carbon is a 'company that produces special composite materials and whose purpose is to transform ideas and vision into reality using high technology.
The constant developments, investment in highly specialized human resources and technologically advanced equipment have allowed us to achieve a qualitative standard of absolute excellence.

To date, the company's commitment is to continually increase its quality and efficiency, to ensure customer satisfaction.
The experience of the staff and the continuous technical development and updates allow Star Carbon to produce components of the highest standards, punctuality on delivery and high flexibility.
The company is certain that the only way to reflect the current market is through technology and innovation. Star Carbon works every day updating the necessary information, listening to the client requests, developing new ideas with a critical spirit, the spirit of those who want to give their best.

The property has all the design activities and process, such as acceptance, cutting, preparing molds, laminating, machining, finishing, gluing, painting, inspection and delivery of the product.

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  • Technical office. 

  • Cutting room 

Temperature and humidity controlled environment, for fabric cutting dry or prepregs, honeycomb.

  • Storage area 

Cold store for storage of pre-impregnated woven CFRP (-18 ° C).

  • Department preparing molds 

Application of release agents and treatments with suction benches dedicated.

  • Clean rooms 

Air treatment, vacuum lines, continuous control of temperature and humidity.

  • Area Autoclave 

Autoclave 1 m x Ø2,5m (250°C – 12 bar).

It has a facility for vacuum, total programmable control of temperature, pressure and vacuum units with independent data logging.

  • Oven 

Oven 1m x 1m x 2m to process only empty, post-cure bonding and painting (with integrated vacuum pump).

  • Department Trim & Drill 

Location to local exhaust.

  • Department Bonding 

Stations with local aspirations and control of environmental parameters.

  • Paint Shop 

Segregated areas for the preparation of the surface, the preparation of the paint.

  • Spray booth.